The gua sha: a miracle mineral massager or Instagram’s latest culturally appropriated accessory?

Influencers and skincare enthusiasts alike are always on the hunt for a new skincare tool to reinvent our routines. There were mini-fridges that kept your skincare items chilled, and pore vacuums that forcefully sucked out dirt. However, the latest skincare craze is the gua sha – the mineral massaging tool claiming to create a more sculpted face. But does the gua sha really work? And, more importantly, is this trend actually cultural appropriation of its Chinese origins?

Bye-bye Becca: why this cult cosmetics brand failed to survive 2021

Last week, Becca Cosmetics announced that they will be closing down in September. This marks an incredibly sad end to an era for makeup artists and beauty lovers alike – Champagne Pop was the cult-status product that taught many of us how to glow. But how did this happen? We will be diving deep into Becca Cosmetics to understand how this drastic fate came to one of our favourite cosmetics brand in 2021.

In the Beauty Bag #4: Fashion Editor Daisy Bradbury

Do you stick to a beauty routine? I definitely try to but being in lockdown and hardly leaving the house has caused me to be more lenient with this. I have hardly worn makeup this year, although I still make a conscious effort to keep on top of my skincare routine and not neglect it. What are your favourite makeup products? I prefer more natural makeup looks these days, so my favourite products tend to be sheer, glowy foundations (Flower Beauty’s Light Illusion Foundation is my absolute fav

Appearance in the age of Zoom: How to dress for a virtual class

Following The University of Manchester’s decision to suspend face-to-face teaching, students have become increasingly familiar with Zoom classes and virtual learning. Although we’ve quickly gathered the online etiquette of muting the mic when you’re not talking and not joining a lecture late (that bell sound can become very irritating), there’s one thing we haven’t quite cracked – what do you wear to a virtual class?