“I gave myself a gua sha body massage every day for a month and felt much less bloated and sluggish”

We’re all accustomed to aches and pains, whether it’s the twang of lower back strain from sitting at a desk all day or tech neck induced from hours working at the kitchen table. While a professional massage can work wonders, finding time in our busy schedules means that stretching, foam rolling and figuring out why that bit hurts, often slips to the bottom of the priority list.

I Put Glycolic Acid On My Armpits Because TikTok Told Me To

From deodorant soaps to armpit Botox injections, people are willing to go to great lengths to eliminate body odours and reduce sweat. Sometimes traditional deodorants just don’t cut it for those extremely sweaty days, but finding a natural antiperspirant that’ll keep you feeling fresh feels like an impossible task. So when TikTok users started raiding their bathroom cabinets and swiping glycolic acid on their underarms as a deodorant substitute, I knew that I needed to put it to the test.