The gua sha: a miracle mineral massager or Instagram’s latest culturally appropriated accessory?

Influencers and skincare enthusiasts alike are always on the hunt for a new skincare tool to reinvent our routines. There were mini-fridges that kept your skincare items chilled, and pore vacuums that forcefully sucked out dirt. However, the latest skincare craze is the gua sha – the mineral massaging tool claiming to create a more sculpted face. But does the gua sha really work? And, more importantly, is this trend actually cultural appropriation of its Chinese origins?

MMU fashion show archives give us a glimpse of the city’s fashion throughout the decades

Manchester Metropolitan University’s annual fashion show has functioned as the perfect platform for Manc students to rep the leading trends since the 1950s – as well as pioneering some iconic styles of their own. The city’s fashion scene has evolved considerably over the past 60 years – and with the help of MMU’s runway archives, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to explore how style has moved with the times.
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